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If you haven't heard, Mt Baldy is covered in snow and open 7 days a week, ready for you and your family.  The Mt Baldy Alpine Club is ready for your kids, join the club and have fun, become better skiers and snowboarders.   Our coaches for the Nancy Greene Program are Yanni Lou Gagnon, Owen Stewart, Warren Everton, and Greg Myers.  Josh Shulman will lead the snowboarders in the powder, and in the terrain park with his enthusiasm for the sport.

Here is the information regarding the program and a one day CHRISTMAS CAMP to get going.   If you bring a new friend to the camp and have paid your Club fees before the camp, it's FREE!   Camp will be on "THURSDAY DECEMBER 29TH".  The 1/2 day fee is $25.00 and a full day fee is $50.00.  This will include a hot chocolate and a treat.  We will hold some fun events like a skier/boarderX race, time trials and a slopestyle contest with prizing at the end for participating.  So, let's make it a great start to the season and join us, the MT BALDY ALPINE CLUB.

Fee for this year 2017, will be $320.00 (no GST), for ages 5 to 9. If you have a 2nd child joining the program, they get $50.00 off the $270.00.  So for your two children, club fees will total $590.00.  And remember, the camp fee is FREE to your kids if you're signed up ahead of time, FREE!

Start date for club programs will be January 8th, SUNDAY until March 5th,  9:30 to 12:00 for the morning program or 1:00 to 3:30 for the afternoon program every Sunday.     Race dates are January 29th at Big White and Apex for zone finals March 4 to 5TH and the optional end of season Sun Peaks Festival March 24th to 25th.  We're sure to have a lot of fun this year at Baldy Mountain Resort.

Contact Paul Rauhala at paul@okaped.com or Angie Blenkhorne at snowschool@skibaldy.com


Scanning the Memories

I updated my flatbed scanner for the family reunion last summer, and have a Canon flat bed scanner available for next to nothing. Can't find the disc, so you will have to download the software from Canon's site.


JR Digging out the pics.........

Check the sidebar on the Baldy Mountain Resort Facebook page. JR has been digging out the memories and posting today.

The only time I ever got out of bed at 4:00am to ski................

Only cousin Paula and I  are alive from this photo taken in May 1972, We took the Saint Bernard named Baldy with us to the North Bowl. Terry Smith on the Cat, his son Pat beside me and daughter Theresa in front of Pat. We lost Pat to a car accident in 1975, and Teresa's life was shortened by cancer. A wonderful family. At the right are Alfred Gruhl and Willi Tenning.

The building behind was built by Osoyoos Hardware and Lumber. It was the original rental shop, and when the hardware got out of the ski business, Uncle Paul offered the building to me. I hand dug footings based on that building. I later decided to build a log cabin, and the Ski Patrol took over the building. A few years ago it was skidded to it's current location between the Magic Carpet and Sugar Lump, and given to the Alpine Club to store their stuff. It has been dragged around, but my hunch is that the structure may be sound and could be stabilized for more use by the club.

This Date in 2012

Finding the parking lot.

Trees down, power lines down.

Monday, December 5, 2016

MacLeod Milestone - Baldy Family

Marge was thrilled to tell me tonight that the fourth generation of MacLeods has now learned to ski at Baldy. Marge and Bill were part of the original group to start Baldy, and Marge has been a Baldy booster from Day 1, and volunteered for years after the original group sold Baldy.

Their daughter Marcie was married in the cabin at Baldy, and this weekend, Marcie's grandkids learned to ski. Marge was so happy today to see everything up and running and looking good.

I missed the photo op, but I'm sure they will be back.

This photo from the Baldy 40th Anniversary Pot Luck shows Marge in the middle with the necklace. On this occasion, there were only 4 attending who were at Baldy since 1968, so we put this photo together of people who had been at Baldy since 1978. L - R Jane Bland, Mike Bland, Wayne Clarke, Mike Crowson, Stan Bubar, Randal Smith, Wayne Dennill
Front Joan Begg, Sandra Smith, Marge Macleod, Marion Boyd, Judy Nicholas

Rainbow Bridge for Finnegan

A very sad house at the top of the village today. Finnegan has crossed the rainbow bridge. As a pup, he would try to jump on the back of the skis of people going by, as a 12 year old, he was a free spirit who loved the snowshoe trails, and pizza bones. He tried valiantly this fall to be a stud and carry on his line of Irish Setters, but with no results. Our thoughts are with Jim and Marian.

Finn went out snow shoeing on his last day, and passed in his sleep.
One more from Jayne Fletcher

I have dozens of photos of Finnegan - will keep trying to find the one I am looking for.


Historical Stuff

His name was Bamberger, he gutted the Borderline Ski Club room, and burned all of the cabinets and old ski equipment and treasures the club had on display. That's not all he did, but he was the only manager fired before New Years.

After that incident, various managers and old timers have been very protective of the historical material that remains. There were some upset people last weekend when they saw the bare walls in the bar. George Webster told me his photo was gone, as were a pair of Anne's skis.

Joey has assured me that the materials are in the basement, and there are plans to put stuff back on the walls. One photographer looked at the Baldy Bar a few years ago and said Wow - you could do a Kokanee commercial in this place.

I am waiting to see how much they put back up. I certainly want to be notified if they have any intentions of disposing of any of that content. There are notes on the back of some, including a pair of photographs that hung on the wall in Uncle Paul Fairweather's Hardware office.

Old signs handcrafted by John Hoffman at the Hardware almost 50 years ago.

The painting by Alfred Gruhl lost a little of its value when a well meaning person had it reframed. The original wooden frame was made by Alfred.

Alf gave me his last pair of skis. I still have them safely stored. Tim and I discussed a display, but after Aunty Irene's old leather boots were stolen from a cabinet in the bar, we put that idea on hold,......until a new lodge was built and there was more secure display space.

The Gunbarrel was the watering hole at Apex for decades - you had to watch your step as the floor was uneven. When the new Gunbarrel was built, the memorabilia was moved to the new location.

I have more history stored, and was talking today to a fellow who is putting stuff together to pass along to me. I'm keeping things safe for now - waiting to see how the stuff in the lodge is handled.

For the record................

Baldy has opened this early before - more than once. In the early nineties we opened November 29th one year - we had a "Boxing Day" crowd, and ran out of many food items.

What's in a name..........

The original developers of  Baldy chose a mining theme for Baldy, and a wildlife theme for the village. Any official or unofficial names in those areas that do not fit the theme, came later.

Shaft, Ponderosa, Dividend, Powderkeg, Jolly Jack - all with the theme. I don't think there was a Honky Tonk mine. The original Stemwinder was what is now called lower South Ridge - the now Stemwinder was just the cat track. The Stemwinder was groomed a couple of times by Terry - starting way up the South Ridge.

C.D. of course is a newer name, as is Rock Star, Chix Dig It and Burn Baby Burn. I would have liked to see the runs stay with the theme, but the last one, Burn Baby Burn commemorates a close call for an unnamed summer grooming crew.

When I bought my lot in 1973, the roads above Whiskey Jack were not yet on the map. We had Cougar, Bobcat, Porcupine, Blue Jay and Whiskey Jack. I'm not sure where the Tin-Horn name came from - Tin-Horn Creek goes into the hills where there was mining activity near Oliver.

As for Ore-House road.........there was a party of the folks with property on that street. I don't know what the other proposed names were, but Ken Ozanne lay down on the floor and put both feet and both hands in the air to make sure there were enough votes for Ore-House Road.

Bobcat originally went straight up the hill alongside what is now Tom and Hilary's Cabin, and Randal's place. When it came time to go from leases to title, Bobcat was stretched out to reduce the grade - that created two lots. The property owners along Bobcat had been sold slope side lots, so when the road was moved, the agreed compensation was a "green space" between their properties and the newly created lots. There is a band of strata common property where Bobcat was.

The McKinney T-bar from left to right Cascade, Face, Cut, Kettle. The original Kettle was a little flat at the bottom, and you really needed speed to get back to the lift. The "Kettle" has filled in with trees, and the "Cut" has been referred to as the Kettle in recent years.

There is a trail that goes up Jolly Jack, around the back of McKinney and out the far right of the McKinney. A patch of logging years ago made it more difficult to find the trail after crossing the logged meadow. Many on snowshoes now just go in the north end of the trail to "Gruhl's Pool" and don't complete the entire loop. In the wrong conditions, the logged meadow has shifted and made noise.

Chilly Monday

At 2:00pm it has warmed up to minus9C. Some cold days leading up to the next forecast big dump on Thursday.

The mountain looks great and totally white from the valley - didn't have time to seek out the right location to take a photo.

Mia and Great-Grandfather


A little feature on Oliver Daily News today.

Monday Morning

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Go Mia! Gary McBryde Photos from this Weekend

Wanted to make you the top photo Mia, but couldn't stretch the photo to fit.