Mt. Baldy Ski Area

After a long and painful journey, the court approved the sale of Baldy to a new party on June 28th.

Soon to be known as "Baldy Mountain Resort" - to help distinguish from Mt. Baldy Thunder Bay and Mt. Baldy California. Also to reflect on the four season approach.

Documents can be found through the link to the receiver's webpage.

This is an independent blog, for the Mt. Baldy Community.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lightning Strikes

Two small lightning fires reported today - tree struck by lightning at Johnstone Creek park, and one on Wolf Cub Creek FSR.


Changing skies all day - thanks Sherry Davison for this pic of the sun poking through the storm.

As for my drive back from town.........the usual.

News from Thredbo in Australia

"We had a very interesting day today unless you have already heard.  It was very windy and a white out in Thredbo (normal Aussie snow) and Roger and I went up the top and Rog goes over and does his knee.

We decided it was safer to get the ski patrol to take him down. And when they arrive, a good looking Canadian is part of the team. Can you believe that! "

Good on ya T-bar Tony. Baldy cabin owner injures knee in Australia, Thredbo Ski Patrol responds including Tony - former Baldy patroller and instructor, and son-in-law of Baldy cabin owner. Small world.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Roger.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Already in Staff Shack

I'm told the Staff Shack is being cleaned out in preparation for a crew coming from elsewhere to work on the lifts. The family of woodpeckers living in the wall will be left undisturbed and the hole left open until they move on.

Spotted Lake

I've known Spotted Lake all my life, but didn't have all the answers when touring my family from Norway last week. Stumbled on this piece on the lake and it's story.

The Otherworldly Polka Dots of Spotted Lake

Blog Followers

If you are a long time follower of this blog, you know that I never use that four letter word that starts with "r" and ends with "n". I have "high humidity flakes" and other such descriptors.

I'm guessing the web designer for the new group is not a skier - red and yellow remind of us of snow colours we don't like!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sun bathers...........

This trio, minus the dog of course, were spotted dining at Campo Marina tonight.

Crazy Canuck

You never know who you will see in Osoyoos in the summer. Ken Read in town for some cycling.

Haven't done a garbage rant for awhile..............

I don't think it came from here, but the dumpster is practically full with a lot of construction debris including drywall. That does not fit with the RDKB definition of "house hold garbage" Construction debris goes to Greenwood - make an outing out of it - have you tried the Copper Eagle Bakery?

Staff Shack

Reno or repurpose?


Sunset tonight from Ken's corner.