Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Child in Grade 4 or 5? - check out the program - BMR is Participating


Halloween - Noon to 6:00pm Day Lodge at Baldy

Check BMR on Twitter and Facebook. Put your costume on, stop by the lodge on October 31st between Noon and 6:00pm. You could come away with something sweet, and a day ticket voucher. If you haven't picked up your season pass yet, you can also do that. Maybe take the mask off for the season pass photo. ;)

Busy Day

Part one of portable complex is here.

Because someone wants cell service.

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club

The Nancy Greene program at Baldy has been a successful introduction to racing and ski improvement program, and great environment for making life time ski friendships. At Baldy, it is not all about the gates - if there is fresh powder, the racers get some time  there too.

Paul Rauhala has met with Joey to talk about the upcoming season, and sends this update to you, the parents, and your fun loving kids.

Exciting News from the Mt Baldy Alpine Club

It's the talk of the Okanagan and worth repeating: Baldy Mountain Resort (BMR) is officially open for business, and the Mt Baldy Alpine Club is ready to start the new ski season!

BMR has kicked off this season with excellent and affordable ski passes for the whole family. And for the first time in Baldy history, the resort will open seven days a week starting Dec 1st. The bonus? The BMR management team is running strong and is committed to helping our club move forward and offer your children a great on-snow experience.

The Mt Baldy Alpine Club wants to be the Pinnacle of activity on the mountain for years to come; we're aiming to develop a membership that adds to the old community spirit of Mt Baldy's proud past.

Where do you come in? We need to plan for the new season and determine how many coaches we will require. So consider this an invitation to you and your children to join our club once again.

Our program is designed for:
children who already ski or snowboard that want to have fun on snow with other kids on the weekends
children who have a desire to continue to improve technique and be challenged
children and parents who are after a program that is diverse, so you can try other options on the snow to make this sport a lifelong part of your healthy family lifestyle
parents looking for a program that is about safety and doing it right (e.g. Avalanche training)

Our program will offer four key components that will be a work in progress:

1. snowboarding/ freestyle
2. ski racing from Nancy Greene (and in the future up to the FIS level)
3. slackcountry for experienced backcountry skiers of all ages
4. fat biking in the winter and mountain biking in the summer

Our program fee will cost $320.00, which starts at the beginning of January and ending in March.

We have always run our programs on Sunday's, but if Saturday is a better option and there is a demand for this day, we will take this into consideration.

Our club will also be hosting another Avalanche Awareness Program, Christmas Camp, and Spring Camp to recruit more interested skiers and snowboarders for the season.

Please email me your questions at
paul@okaped.com, and if possible contact me ASAP with your interest in membership and our programs before Dec 1st to help us in the planning stages of the exciting ski season ahead.

Paul Rauhala
President Mt Baldy Alpine Club

Not Thursday, but Throwback......



Monday, October 24, 2016


Thinking the Aussie count in the village may be up to 3. Smoke coming out the chimney of another cabin.

Our Mailboxes Spared...........

The bank of mailboxes directly across from the Petro-Can at the bottom of McKinney Road is taped off after a break in. One of the store staff told me there were other areas hit including a bank of boxes in the Village on the reserve.

Our boxes were upgraded to ones that are a little more tamper resistant, and there was no sign of a problem there this afternoon.

Mild Monday

Plus5C at 7:00pm - after a few days away, I can still see my tire tracks from Wednesday, and the new stuff settled to 5cms on my deck. Great to see the snow this early.

The Load Test

The load test is done with garbage cans full of water replacing humans. It is done at prescribed intervals for each chairlift. Sugarlump was done two years ago - I could post pics of the crew getting wet from 2014, but I'll wait to take new ones this week. It is the Eagle's turn for the load test later this week.