Sunday, February 26, 2017

Safe Journey Home

Our time with John and Margaret is winding down for the season. Tomorrow they start the long journey home to Australia. Safe trip - see you in the summer - and we all look forward to your time here next winter, hopefully with the whole family.
We know which family member will be at the head of the line to greet you when you get home!

Mark your calendar...........

Long John Baldy tells me they will be playing March 11th.

Let it snow.........

Flake size has been changing off and on all day - no great accumulation, but good skiing.

Tribute to Ethel

Fred and Ethel were part of the fabric of the Baldy Community for more than 30 years. Fred Passed away in 2010, and Ethel in 2015, at 91 years, after skiing until she was 87. There is a memorial plaque honouring Fred on the Jones run. The only reason there isn't one there for Ethel yet, is that I haven't come up with the wording for it.
Fred's says "Ski Industry Pioneer" "Dedicated Mt. Baldy Volunteer"

How do you condense the essence of Ethel into two short lines? All suggestions are welcome from friends and family. Please e-mail me at

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gotta Love Facebook

Where someone makes a big deal about skiing out of bounds, then posts a photo of himself with guests - out of bounds.

March 5th Ladies Dinner

Here's the scoop on the Ladies Dinner.

Sun Mar 5
Arrive 5pm, dinner at 6pm - one seating only
Set menu with choices - Babes to pre-order when they register - we have menu in ticket office
How to Register:
By phone or in person
How to Pay:
We encourage pre-payment when registration made so there's not a bottleneck of ladies paying after dinner
$40 + tax (gratuity NOT included)
Dinner and a glass of wine

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Noon Weds Mar 1. Unfortunately walk-ins on the day of the dinner are not permitted, nor is ordering off the menu. The kitchen needs to be prepared well in advance to order the food AND for staffing.

Any questions let me know - thanks a  bunch!!

First Day Snowboarding - Sage and Tao

I met Sage, Tao, and Mom on the Magic Carpet this afternoon. They are skiers from Grand Forks, and today they tried snowboarding for the first time. I watched them for a bit - they are doing well.

Paul Eby Photo

Copyright photo from Paul Eby on Oliver Daily News.

Quiet Wyatt on his days off..............

Thanks Jason Parker for this photo of Wyatt.

Friday, February 24, 2017

SBC Skier - Andrew Strain

I was asked twice to be interviewed for this article, but declined due to circumstances at the time with receivership, and the second request came after sale of the ski area, and I referred him to Joey. It is reasonably accurate, however it was the bro's 55th not 50th birthday.

Ski Canada Magazine

BMR twitter has a link to a Ski Canada article on Baldy. I don't like perpetuating "alternative facts" so you won't see the link here.

I would prefer not to follow BMR social media, but that seems to be the only way I can get some of the information my readers want.


We had a few flakes this afternoon - forecast is looking more promising for Saturday night.

Global Okanagan - tonight

Global Okanagan was on the mountain today - I saw them filming Nils. I checked - he wasn't skipping school, it was a Pro-D day. "Princess" is hoping she is not on film. They told Nils it would go to air tonight.

Chapmans and Dumais

John and Darlene Chapman, Ernie and Cheryl Dumais
John was my Math 11 Teacher at SOSS, and Ernie was the shop teacher. Chapmans haven't skied for 13 years, but are getting their ski legs back in time to ski with grandchildren on Spring Break. The grandkids ski at Mt. Washington, and their season pass gives them deals at three mountains including Manning and Apex. Chapmans skied Borderline in Bridesville before Baldy opened.

Decades ago, I won a door prize at the Canada West Ski Areas Tradeshow. It was $100 gift certificate from Inter-Mountain Signs. When Don and Debbie Muirhead learned I was from Baldy, they worked out a way to stretch that $100. We needed new signs for the T-bars. Inter-Mountain provided cut out decals for the signs, and Ernie Dumais had his students cut the plywood for mounting.

From the archives:

I've posted this one before - that is Carl Gough, the late Don Mepham with John Chapman behind, Darlene Chapman and the late Pat Smith. February 1970 photo.