Monday, January 15, 2018

Jam Night Saturday - 6:30-10:00pm

You are invited to Jam Night at the bar on Saturday. Hilary and Dorian will be there, and they welcome anyone who wants to join them playing, singing, listening - or all three.

Monday Update from Marian

Hello Baldy Babes,
Sunshine, Spring conditions, Baldy blue skies, delicious breakfast & lunch, who could ask for more?
Our snow shoe to "Little Gruhl's Pool" took us on ski trails, off the Sugar Lump chairlift, forest, meadow and back into the forest.
Gordo's skier group enjoyed the mountain's slopes.
Looking forward to next week's Baldy Babes Monday.
Take Care, Marian

Marjo Koskinen photo

Marjo Koskinen photo

Welcome to Baldy Tynlee

This was three year old Tynlee's first day skiing. She was on the Magic Carpet this morning, and Dad took her up to ski Beaver Trail this afternoon.

A big smile and nod when I asked if she was having fun.

Why Does It Feel So Good to Watch Other People Ski? | POWDER Magazine

Thanks for the link, Ciel.

Why Does It Feel So Good to Watch Other People Ski? | POWDER Magazine

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Last Run

For many years, I would ski Dividend as my last run of the day, and last run of the season. I've been using South Ridge Trail more recently - so many great photo ops.

Fletcher family photo - following the grandchildren. Skiing is such a good family sport - many 3 generation families on the hill.

More shots...........

Thanks - J. Fletcher photos.


When you dust off the GoPro, and don't check the end up with a bunch of stills.......

Always a treat to watch a snowboarder who can really ride the edges. I missed capturing the signature 360 carve at the bottom.

Another higher altitude photo specialist on the mountain today .........

Thanks for sharing the image Marie.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Signs seem to be helping................

I have not been trapped on a chair behind someone smoking this season. Today I did get my first second hand pot smoke skiing down Sugar Lump.

Road Report

Roads were fine from the coast today - Hope Princeton. The biggest challenge for our friends was the time of day - on their way up, they met 74 cars heading down from the mountain.

Love it Scott - thank-you!

Thanks to "this guy" for sharing a great video with me!

Shared for your viewing and enjoyment. Use of this video is by permission of the creator on this blog. Some great skiing by Katlin and Morgan - that's Morgan catching all the air.

Caught in the act................

"Bikini girl" lost some of her clothing over the summer. She usually gets new clothes in the dark of night, but today I caught someone dressing her. Check out the new wardrobe when you ride Lumpy.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Brain buckets.............your choice

I wear a helmet. It is warm, comfortable, and provides me with better protection than a toque. It doesn't make me invincible - a seat belt doesn't protect me 100% either.

This morning I watched a guest do his stretch routine on the webcam - stretching before he went on the hill to reduce chance of injury. He then proceeded toward the lift, not wearing a helmet.